About Us

Badanamu the Company

Calm Island is the developer of the brand Badanamu and sells educational products in over 30 countries. The company focuses on literacy and S.T.E.M development for children aged from 12 months to 5 years old. 

Created by David Roberts after years of watching his nephews grow and develop.

The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, USA and in Seoul, Korea to take advantage of their fantastic animation and game development expertise. Musical and storytelling content is produced in the United States and Canada, while interactive play design is produced in Sweden. The curriculum design hopes to capture the best elements of different methods to make learning a playful experience.


Badanamu Singapore

We are a super school-and-retail concept located at 1 Marine Parade Central, #011-07, Parkway Centre. Our flagship centre carries all the latest Badanamu products and runs literacy classes for children with excellent teacher ratios of 1:5.

With the success of these characters, Badanamu advocates learn as you play capitalising on the emotional engagement of the child's love for the characters. Thus, developing home education products that encourage the fun of learning.

Our classes prioritises interaction, communication, music and movement - foundational skills that are required for a well-rounded, happy and creative little person with infinite possibilities. Badanamu's programs have successfully blended cutting edge technology with lessons that are fun and entertaining.

Badanamu Singapore